Inventory Management module provides you an easy-to-use interface to add, update, delete and view hospital inventory data ranging from operators, machines, instruments and sets to an individual inventory item. This module is governed with admin rights who would be controlling the entire inventory management and process configuration.

Instrument Marking

With instrutrack, every inventory entry is marked with a 2D barcode - KEYDOT® in a safe and secure way. Key Surgical’s KeyDot is a small, laser-etched, 2D Data Matrix barcode label that can be applied directly to an instrument’s surface. Tested for sterilization efficacy and biocompatibility for use on stainless steel surgical instruments, it links a specific instrument to a data file within a software application, allowing that instrument to be tracked throughout the complete instrument processing cycle. Instruments marked with the KeyDot are scanned using a two-dimensional barcode reader.

Alphanumeric barcodes are laser engraved on .003” destructible acrylate. 2D Data Matrix. Black background with white copy. Pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. Label copy includes barcode and human readable equivalents on the 1/4" and 3/8" KeyDot.


Decontamination Module manages the cleaning/washing of surgical instruments and trays with the complete visibility to unreturned or damaged supplementary instruments and surgical trays with the seamless interaction with sterilization and operating room module to prioritize the fast-track sets for reprocessing through an automatically updated real-time central dashboard.


On-screen instrument assembly and count sheet generation for all the instruments received in packing area for sterilization gives you total traceability of your instrument sets and trays.The operator who will load the autoclave identifies himself, kit and the machine into which the kit is introduced with the help of barcode reader. The operator can manage the damaged/missing instruments within the set and replace them with instruments available in hospital inventory to complete the set for further processing with full traceability of additionally added instruments.


A simple easily operated OR interface with RFID authentication helps OR nurses to associate surgical trays, supplementary instruments, disposables or consumables used during the surgery with the patient MRN.

An open communication between CSSD and OR allows nursing staff to make requests, raise quality issues, and reconcile count sheets which makes reprocessing completely transparent and improves OR start times and efficiency.

Knowing specifically which instruments have been allocated to which patient file and being able to generate auditable reports on what it costs to sterilize those specific instruments instantly transforms your department and make it cost efficient.


Digital reporting module gives you instant access to the inventory maintenance, inspection and repair records. Since every inventory is marked, you can begin to track and trace the item seamlessly through the entire workflow, archiving the information and collecting data automatically.

Knowing how many times an instrument has been reprocessed, when a set is aging, who was responsible for reprocessing, or when an instrument requires maintaining is information that instrutrack can provide you in real-time.

Accurate digital reporting helps to achieve patient safety by providing the ability to trace the source of infection quickly and accurately.


This integration module will allow application to communicate on-line with sterilizers installed in CSSD with one-way communication channel i.e. from sterilizer to application. The integration service will be called up by sterilizer which will send the respective information to application which in turn convert the sterilizer output data to user readable data to generate sterilizer performance graphs along with biological and chemical indicator test results.


Distribution Module helps you understand every level of detail to manage your distribution of surgical instruments and trays between CSSD, Operating Room and Storage area effectively by keeping track of when assets enter storage or distributed to Operating Room for surgery.


Advanced distribution module helps to implant the highly advanced GPS tracking device in distribution vehicles to track the transit of surgical instruments/trays/loaner trays from one place to another providing the exact location of the vehicle and on the route currently, the vehicle is on.


Endoscopy module manages the entire endoscope reprocessing workflow from the cleaning procedure through the reprocessing cycle to storage. It documents and captures data necessary for endoscope inventory maintenance and tracking, regulatory compliance, and advanced analytics. It has integrated endoscope inventory management system with the scope repair functionality which logs the repair company information, damages, repairs and costs by endoscope along with functionality to track incoming loaner endoscopes with complete traceability reporting to analyze endoscope utilization, reprocessing test results, operator performance, etc.


Staff Training Module helps you get quick access to IFUs with through standard instrument search and dropdown search options for easy document retrieval. This module also helps to access Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), user manuals, quick start guides, audio and videos training sessions for each surgical instrument and trays with facility-specific reprocessing instructions within each department to clean or process the instrument.


CCSSD helps you manage sterilization and reprocessing of surgical instruments and trays within central sterilization service configuration of multiple hospital networks distributed across various location within shared cloud storage in order to reduce costs related to transportation, production and resource acquisition, and transfer.

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