A comprehensive tracking system software with systematic integration of data, design, and technology

that govern the entire orchestration of each set and each instrument in hospital, from being used on the patient back to being sterilized for its use again on the patient.

  • Optimize your entire sterile supply workflow for surgical trays, supplementary instruments, and endoscopes
  • Ensures the highest standards of safety and utilization
  • Take full control of your instrument inventory promoting efficiency, traceability, and security across your departments

With strict adherence to 21 CFR PART 11 and HIPPA Compliance standards, instrutrack ensures electronic records and electronic signatures have equivalent controls over authenticity, integrity, accountability, and confidentiality of huge amount of data which is stored into the system at every stage of the tracking process. This information is delivered in real time through our software dashboards, showing you exactly how everything is progressing.

Why instrutrack?

Making CSSD a Profit Center

A unique identification number to every instrument helps you to keep a track of instrument losses, new purchases, repair costs which will be useful to preserve the inventory value and manage the cost control process of the hospital

Improved Process Efficiency

With clear visibility of instrument location and fast track instrument processing, instrument delivered in line with surgical schedules reduces time spent searching for instruments and automatically prioritize them as per the case start time at OR

Improved Accuracy

Electronic pick list of available/damaged/missing assets and visibility of instrument location helps staff to remain up-to-date with status of assets and process lot efficiently

Quality Assurance

Secure digital record keeping and archiving; with strict compliance guidelines helps to assure quality of surgical instrument traceability leading to increased safety of surgical patients

Real-Time Central Dashboard

Automated data capture and process validation checks helps to prioritize the fast-track sets for reprocessing through an automatically updated real-time central dashboard

Enhanced Asset Utilization

Helps you easily check loaner sets in and out for greater visibility and management, and group, track and report all inventory associated with or sent to a case.

instrutrack Modules

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